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Early childhood witnesses physical and mental growth. Unfortunately for some children, multiple and a variety of factors disturb their normal growth process. Resulting in various abnormalities. Abnormal Jaw Growth is one such issue that badly impacts children’s growth process.

For some children, the effect can be severe or mild. In typical cases, both the upper jaw and lower jaw can be affected. In severe cases, surgical intervention is necessary. If left untreated, jaw deformities cause misalignment of Teeth.

Misalignment of Teeth might lead to unhealthy chewing habits and speaking difficulties. Malocclusion, commonly called a Bad bite, is one of the problems caused by Abnormal Jaw growth.


Jaw abnormalities can happen without any syndrome or associated diseases. And, they can occur from congenital issues like Cleft lip and cleft palate.


Paediatric dentists advise parents to get their children to undergo periodic Check-ups to get a clear picture of the jaw growth. Early diagnosis can prevent a lot of bad effects.


Paediatric dentists at aRdent Dental Care, Hyderabad, diagnose the severity and based upon it, they prescribe treatment.

Mild cases

With the help of Orthodontic appliances like Palatal expanders and Arch retainers, mild to low Jaw deformities can be treated. Experienced Paediatric dentists at aRdent Dental Care treat the Jaw deformities in a child-friendly way.

Severe cases

In severe cases, our Paediatric Dental specialists recommend Corrective surgery. aRdent Dental Care involves Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons in severe cases. With surgical techniques like Bone Grafting and Bone augmenting, our Paediatric Dentists correct the functionalities and restore the normal structure of the jaw.

“It’s better late than never”. Get your Child’s Oral health tested and bring the situation under the control.

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