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aRdent Dental Care & Dental Implant Center in Hyderabad have been established for over 15 years experience and over those years have created some fantastic new smiles with service ranging from Orthodontics (Including Invisalign) to user, Laser tooth whitening and 72 hours tooth replacement with immediate loading implants.

Our Practice aRdent Dental Care & Dental Implant Center in Hyderabad focuses on providing the best dental experience to our patients.

We want you to come to our practice and have a pleasant, relaxing experience.

We will take the time to find out your concerns, listen to what you want from your Dental Treatment in Hyderabad and help achieve optimal oral health.

aRdent Dental Care & Dental Implant Center in Hyderabad provide, following a detailed examination, aRdent Dental Care & Implant Center has all kind of dental treatment plan with all available options and a broken down cost analysis.

We take pride in our highly skilled clinicians providing excellent levels of care to all our patients in a relaxed and peaceful environment.

ardent - About Us

We at the aRdent Dental Care & Implant Center in Hyderabad very proud of our highly qualified team who undergo continuous professionals’ development and training in order to stay at the fore front of their profession.

  • We also offer Dental Implants Service in Hyderabad which is an effective way to return your mouth to its original function following tooth loss within 72 hours.
  • Whether teeth were lost due to decay, gum diseases or an accident/broken teeth, our Basal Implants which can be used for almost all adult patients, regardless of age.
  • Teeth are replaced with in 72hours by attaching them to implants which have been inserted into the jaw bone.
  • Using the very latest in modern technologies we can provide the very best solution for your teeth.

Experience the Excellency of aRdent Dental Care & Dental Implant Center

Positive Counseling

We pay attention to the details of the patients’ problems, sufferings, and experiences, and counsel them on the further course of action. We never let the morale of the patient go down.

Impeccable Quality of Treatment

We make sure that the best reaches the patient in terms of quality

Patient Friendly Environment

From counseling to conducting surgeries, protecting privacy to prescribing right medication, and attending cases to alleviating pains, patients’ interests are taken care of.

Experienced Consultants

Our experienced specialists ranging from Periodontists to Pediatric dentists, are happy to serve you with all the possible means.

Advanced Technological Interventions

We believe that technology is a tool that can create wonders and solve dental issues. So, we equip our experts with Advanced Technological apparatus.

Satisfactory Conduct

Our patients’ satisfaction got reflected in the form of reviews, testimonials and referral cases. That shows how satisfied are our patients with our services.

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