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Endodontics Treatment In Hyderabad

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of Infected Inner portions of Teeth. ‘Endo’ in Greek means Inside and ‘Dent’ in Greek means Tooth. The Inner portion of the Tooth includes Pulp and root.

Signs that say you may need an Endodontic treatment- Symptoms

  • Severe chronic pain upon chewing and putting pressure on Teeth
  • Swelling and sensitive gums
  • Darkening of the teeth
  • Persistent pain in the Teeth after subjected to Hot or Cold temperature
  • Deep Cavities or Decayed Tooth
  • Trauma
  • Teeth that are severely worn out
  • Swelling in the Jaw
Endodontics - June 2024
Endodontics Treatment

Whom to consult?
It is advised to consult an experienced Endodontist if any of the above-mentioned signs are felt or experienced.

Who is an Endodontist?

Endodontists are trained specialists who are experts in treating the issues related to Dental pulp and nerves through surgeries and treatments.
aRdent Dental Care and Implant Centre at Hyderabad treats Endodontic cases with advanced technologies.

Root Canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment is not that painful as many believe. The pain is less intense as in the Filling surgery. Certain inhibitions restrain people from consulting an Endodontist regarding the Root Canal Treatment.

Let’s dig deep into what happens in your Tooth while undergoing Root Canal Treatment

  • In the first visit, with the support of X-ray, Endodontists get to know the shape of the Root canals and check for any infected bones and tissues.
  • After that, the Endodontist may administer local anaesthesia to create numbness near the affected area.
  • To keep the area free from saliva and to maintain dryness, the Endodontist will place a rubber dam abutting the affected tooth area.
  • Now, to access the pulp of the Tooth, a hole will be drilled on the Tooth. Then the debris of the pulp and bacteria would be taken out from the Tooth.
  • After removing the bacteria, the cleaning process will be commenced. While cleaning, files of increasing diameter will be used to reach the depth and scrub the sides of root canals.
  • The accumulated debris generated in the process will be pumped out using Water or Sodium Hypochlorite.
  • Once the cleaning process is done, the drilled portion needs to be sealed.
    If the person needs medication, the endodontist may wait for some days to seal the Tooth.
  • After the final assessment, the Sealing process will be started.
  • The Tooth’s Root Canal will be filled with Gutta Percha, a Rubber compound, which is a sealer paste.
  • Then the exterior hole, which was drilled to access the Tooth’s Root, will be closed using a Filling material.
  • In the final step, the restoration of Tooth support is done.

At aRdent Dental Care, Hyderabad, our experienced Endodontists make use of advanced technologies like Rotary endodontics thereby reducing the treatment time to less than an hour. The same is not the case with the conventional RCT.

No more suffering with Toothache and Sensitivities, make an appointment with aRdent Dental care, which is one of the best Root canal treatment providers in Hyderabad, India.

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