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Periodontics Treatment and Clinic in Hyderabad

Healthy Teeth would be a reality only if their supporting structures are healthy and strong. A variety of factors pose a risk to the gums and bones of Teeth, which might result in Bone loss, Tooth mobility, and Gum diseases.

Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that exclusively deals with the supporting structures of Teeth like gums, tissues, bones, and so on. Periodontists are specialists, who are trained and experienced in diagnosing, preventing, and treating Gum diseases, Periodontal diseases.
One of the common diseases in recent times is Gum Disease, which is also called Periodontal disease.

Periodontics - June 2024

Periodontal disease Periodontal means the around the tooth. So, the periodontal disease affects the surrounding parts of the Tooth like gums. For the same reason, it is also called Gum disease.

Main cause- The bacterial plaque, which is formed from the intake of food, beverages, and so on. It is a colourless and sticky thing, which needs to be removed. If not removed on a daily basis, it will get accumulated and turn into a Tartar. The bacterial plaque starts producing toxins, which can damage the gums and underneath structures of Teeth.

This eventually leads to the loosening of gums, which in turn isolates the Tooth from gums and results in deep pockets. With the pocket formation, the Tooth can’t stand firm without support from gums making it unstable or mobile.

This disease, if left untreated at an early stage, would prompt for the removal of Teeth.
With the advancements in the modern dentistry, it is now possible to detect and treat every one of the above issues.

If you’re suffering from any of the gum and dental related issues, approach aRdent Dental Care, Hyderabad. We are one of the best Periodontics treatment providers.

Based on the diagnosis of your issue, our Periodontists counsel you about the available solutions and treatment options.

“Plaque is the Main culprit”

Here are the various treatment options available at aRdent Dental Care:

Periodontics - June 2024

Dental Scaling and Root planning Treatment

Dental scaling is one of the common and simple non-surgical treatments available for the Gum disease. Through Dental Scaling it is possible to reach below the gum line and clean the accumulated Plaque. With Root planning, which is done after the Dental scaling, it is possible to reach and act on the surface of the Tooth’s root.

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Periodontics - June 2024

Tooth Air Polish Treatment

It is also a non-surgical treatment. For people, who have sensitive Tooth, this treatment comes in handy. In this treatment, Compressed air and some abrasive materials are used to remove the plaque adhered on the Toot surface.

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Periodontics - June 2024

Gum Flap Surgery

As the name implies, this surgery is done by flapping the surface of gums. The retracted gum makes way to reach the roots of the Teeth. Then the accumulated Tartar and plaque will be taken out from the Roots of the Teeth. When the cleaning process is completed, the retracted Gum tissue is stitched and allowed to heal for some days.

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Periodontics - June 2024

Gingival Curettage treatment

Using a Curette, our Periodontists remove/scrap the infected tissues in the pockets. This leaves only the gum lining to bond with the Teeth thereby improving the health of the gums.

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At aRdent Dental Care, which is one of the best dental hospitals in Hyderabad, Periodontists use latest and advanced techniques while dealing with Periodontal cases thereby helping you achieve a healthy smile.

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