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With the stigma attached to the use of braces, people tend to ignore the misalignment of their teeth. Clear aligners, which appear invisible, are considered as the best options and alternatives for traditional braces. They are also called Invisible braces for the same reason.

Aligners are made of invisible thin transparent plastic. They are to be changed every two weeks. Each aligner is designed uniquely and can be custom designed.

How do they work?

In the first sitting, Aligners are fixed in a way to align the teeth in a perfect position. In every sitting, they will be examined and based on the observations, aligners would be changed. With time, they will be replaced with a prescribed sequence as the teeth move gradually. Until the teeth arrive at a perfect position, this process has to be repeated.

Advantages of Clear aligners

  • Clear aligners can effectively work for issues like Crowded teeth, spacing, crossbites, overbites, and underbites.
  • Clear aligners help people maintain confidence while getting their crooked/misaligned teeth corrected.
  • People can see the change and progress in the alignment of their teeth while using Clear aligners. This develops trust in the treatment.
  • Easy to remove– Clear aligners can be removed easily when needed. The same is not the case with traditional braces. With traditional braces, people can’t eat all types of foods. Because certain foods might get stuck in the braces and damage the wire.
  • Also, it is difficult to maintain oral hygiene. It is very easy to floss or brush teeth as Clear aligners can be removed and easily fixed. It is very easy to floss or brush teeth as Clear aligners can be removed and easily fixed.
  • So, of late people started switching to Clear aligners for their well-known advantages in regards to maintenance of oral hygiene.
  • Clear aligners are made of smooth material. So, with Clear aligners, there won’t be any hard rupturing with the inner portion of the mouth.
  • Faster results compared to traditional braces. Studies say that it took less than 2 years for many people, to get their teeth alignment corrected, by using Clear aligners. Whereas with traditional braces, it took around 3-5 years.
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