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Wisdom Teeth are the third set of molars located at the backside of the mouth. They develop in the ages between 17 and 25, the age when people hit the maturity age. That’s the reason they are called “Wisdom Teeth”.
Wisdom teeth are part of evolutionary development. Our ancestors had the need for Wisdom teeth to bite and chew hard foods and tissues. But in the present times, it is possible to carry out regular activities without Wisdom teeth as our food habits have become too different from what our ancestors had.

In the age of processed food and refined food, practically there is no problem with the extraction of Wisdom Teeth.

In the following cases, medical reasons compel surgeons to pull the Wisdom teeth out of the mouth.

Impacting the surroundings- Wisdom teeth develop in the post-adolescent period. During the development stages, they may impact the jaw bone or gums. They may get trapped in the Jawbones or hide in the gums. Such cases pose a serious risk to the Jaw bone if Wisdom teeth aren’t removed. So, Oral surgeons consider removing them in such cases.

Disturbing the abutting teeth- In some people, Wisdom teeth start developing in wrong angles. This disturbs the side teeth and may cause severe pain. So, Oral surgeons consider removing them.

Congesting the mouth- For people with smaller mouths, the presence of Wisdom teeth causes a crowding problem. So, surgeons advise for the Wisdom teeth extraction surgery.

If you’re suffering from any problems with your Wisdom Teeth, aRdent Dental Care is the right place where you can receive world-class treatment by the best Oral surgeons.

Oral surgeons at aRdent Dental Care pay attention to all the details before proceeding with the surgery. If you’re taking any drugs on a regular basis, disclose them with our surgeons. Feel free to ask your questions.


After administering the local anaesthesia or class-4 sedatives, the Oral surgeon may cut the gums to remove the Wisdom teeth from their place. After successful removal, the gums will get stitched with the bio-threads, which get dissolved in the blood. If required, the surgeon may place gauze pads to absorb the blood that may ooze post-surgery.

Precautions after the surgery

  • Consume soft items and fluids.
  • Avoid using straws to suck liquids as it puts pressure in the mouth.
  • Practice enough exercises for your mouth by closing and opening.
  • Follow the prescribed medication to avoid difficulties and complexities.
  • Avoid stressful water rinsing. It may loosen the stitches.

At Ardent Dental Care, our Oral surgeons counsel you on the care that should be taken post-surgery. You can clear all your doubts with our surgeons.

Suffer no more with Wisdom teeth, make an appointment with the aRdent Dental Care, Hyderabad and find solutions to your sufferings.

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