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Facing problems with ill-fitting of dentures? Then aRdent Dental Care and Implant Centre, which is one of the best dental clinics in Hyderabad, has wonderful and workable solutions for you. Our world-class Prosthodontists treat you with Overdentures, which are revolutionary developments. Overdenture treatment is the hybrid of Implantation and Denture fixing methods.

Overdentures are placed on the gums and are retained on them with the support of Implants or the existing Teeth. Overdentures can be of Tooth supported or Implant supported. They are suitable for people who are in need of Complete or Partial dentures.

Compared to normal dentures, Overdentures possess many advantages like:

  • Slows Bone loss- With normal dentures, bone loss can’t be stopped. But Overdentures stimulate your jaw bone when you chew or open your mouth. This reduces the rate of bone loss and slows down the resorption process of Teeth bone.
  • Retains your facial structure- As Overdentures slow down the process of shrinking of Bone, the facial structure will remain as is. But the same is not the case with normal dentures, which cause bone loss and impact your facial structure and aesthetics.
  • Helps better digestion- Proper chewing is possible only when the alignment of teeth in the upper jaw and lower jaw are in symmetry. But normal dentures, which often results in ill-fittings, doesn’t facilitate proper chewing thereby causing digestion problems. Whereas Overdentures fit rightly to the underlying tissues and provides stability thus enabling proper bite and healthy digestion.
  • Effective and Comfortable- Overdentures fixed to the upper jaw or lower judge won’t get dislodged like normal dentures while chewing or eating. This eliminates the chances of embarrassment while socializing.
    If our Prosthodontists, after diagnosis, feels that you’re the candidate for the Overdentures treatment, then our expert team start working on it.
    At aRdent Dental Care, the prosthodontists counsel you and explain all the available treatments namely:
  • Implant-retained, Gum supported Overdentures- In this type of treatment, the overdentures draw support from the Implants placed in the upper or/and lower jaw. The Overdentures rest on the Gum and are tightened to the Implants fitted.
  • Bar-retained, Implant-supported Overdentures- A curved bar, which is attached to the implants, retains the Overdentures. The bar is screwed to all the placed Implants on the lower jaw or/and upper jaw.
  • Fixed, Implant-supported Overdentures- In this type of treatment, Overdentures and bar are combined put together as one appliance. It is screwed to the Implants located in the upper or/and lower jaw.

With proper teeth, you get proper chewing, proper digestion, proper health, proper smile, and proper life. So, make an appointment with aRdent Dental Care and Implant Centre, which is one of the best dental clinics in Hyderabad, to get solutions to all your dental problems.

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