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Metal Braces, also called Traditional Braces, are commonly used. Modern Metal Braces are smaller in size and flatter in shape, which makes them comfortable to use.

At aRdent Dental care, we make use of best quality Metal braces, which are made of Stainless-steel/Titanium/Nickel brackets and wires. They use the body’s temperature and get adjusted to the teeth and help teeth move more quickly yet less painfully.

We fix metal braces like 3M, American Dental Orthopaedics, or their equivalent, using Colourless or tooth coloured Organic compound paste. We employ a method known as Straight Arch Wire technique, which is scientifically proven for its advantages and efficiency.

Straight Arch Wire Technique- After fixing metal braces to the teeth, a stainless-steel wire is passed through the groove of the metal brackets. Using a Silicon band, the wire is ligated to the brackets.
Metal braces are less costly compared to other types of braces. Also, they can be used by people of all ages. For these reasons, Metal braces are still preferred by many.

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