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Complete dentures or Full dentures are removable appliances fixed on to the jaw in cases where all the Teeth are lost or are removed out of medical necessities.
If you’re a person, who is recommended for Complete dentures, then make an appointment with the aRdent Dental Care at Hyderabad, which is the best Prosthodontics clinic.
At aRdent Dental Care, our experienced Prosthodontists restore your complete smile with world-class Complete dentures.

On your first visit, our Prosthodontists check the status of gums, which are subjected to healing after the removal of Teeth. Once they assess the situation, they gear up for the Complete denture treatment.

Complete dentures can be Conventional or Immediate loading dentures.

Conventional dentures- Once the Teeth are removed, a gap of 8-12 weeks will be given to before proceeding with the placement of Conventional dentures. The time gap is allowed to heal.
But some people find it difficult to maintain their lifestyle without their teeth. For them, Immediate loading dentures are a great option.

Immediate dentures- This type of dentures can be fixed after the removal of teeth. Prior to the removal of Teeth, the impressions of the Jaw and its contours will be taken for design purposes.
Immediate dentures might lead to the shrinking of Gums and Bones. So, these are to be considered as a temporary solution until the gums are recovered.

Consult our Prosthodontist today to recover your golden smile.

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