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Edentulism or Loss of Teeth is one of the common problems faced by many. Dentures have solutions
Are Full mouth Dentures causing discomfort to you?

You don’t have to get adjusted to the discomfort when there are world-class implant solutions awaiting you at the aRdent Dental Care and Implant Centre, Hyderabad.

We understand that Dentures cause a lot of issues thereby disturbing your daily routine.

Some of the common problems caused by Dentures

  • Less stability while eating and speaking
  • Bio compatibility issues like diluting the taste and flavour of the food while eating.
  • Bone loss

But with the revolutionary concept of immediate loading implantation, you can say goodbye to Dental dentures. With Simpladent’s Single piece Implants, it is possible to restore your beautiful smile without any denture support.

At aRdent Dental Care and Implant Centre, which is one of the best dental clinics in Hyderabad, we have well-trained implantologist to treat even no bone cases.

With the Immediate loading implantation technique, within 72 hrs, you can get transformed from no teeth to fixed teeth. Compared to the traditional Two-stage implantation, Immediate loading is way better and fast.

Benefits of Full mouth dental implants

  • Imitates natural teeth
  • Bone loss is a thing of past with Immediate loading technique
  • Easy to eat and chew foods
  • No problem of cavities
  • Unnoticeable Implantation

Put a stop to your sufferings and inconveniences by approaching aRdent Dental Care and Implant centre, which is the best Implantation clinic in Hyderabad.

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