Nothing you wear is more important than your smile- Connie Stevens

Best Cosmetic Dental Clinic in Hyderabad

A smile is the best gift you can give to the world. It eases a situation and helps people communicate in a friendly way. For the same reason, People value their smile a lot.
But there are things that make people hesitant to laugh or smile. Certain Dento-facial discrepancies make people feel uncomfortable and less confident while socializing and smiling. No problem! We, aRdent Dental Care, have solutions in this regard in the form of Cosmetic Dentistry.
Cosmetic Dentistry makes it possible to express a bright and confident smile. Thanks to technological advancements. Gone are the days where only a few and affluent can enjoy Cosmetic corrections and services.
aRdent Dental Care, with its services, proved that Cosmetic dentistry can be accessible by people from all walks of life. We provide a wide range of Cosmetic Dentistry services ranging from Tooth Whitening to Tooth Jewellery.


Professional Tooth Whitening

With the best Teeth whitening and Bleaching services available at aRdent Dental Care, having Bright and shining teeth will no more remain as an unrealized dream. Professional Cosmetic Dentists at aRdent Dental provide quality Tooth whitening services.

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Veneers and Laminates

To cover the stained/discoloured teeth or to fill the gaps between teeth, people nowadays are resorting to Veneers and laminates. What false finger nails are for fingers, Dental Veneers/ are for teeth.

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Tooth Jewellery

Many people like to present themselves in a special way, which can be through their attire, Jewellery, fashionable statements. Tooth Jewellery is one of the recent additions to this list. With Tooth Jewellery, your smile can attract the attention. Cosmetic dentists at aRdent Dental Care can help you in transforming your smile with Tooth Jewellery.

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Gum Depigmentation

Howsoever white your teeth might be but with dark-pigmented gums, your smile might get diluted. Cosmetic dentists at aRdent Dental Care can help you with Gum Depigmentation process. By removing the superficial layers using laser and other technologies, your gums restore their original nature.

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Gum recontouring

The right proportion of Gums to teeth is desirable by many. Because it helps people smile comfortably without any reservations. At aRdent Dental Care, we provide affordable and top-notch Gum Recontouring services to give you a symmetric smile.

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Minor Orthodontics

Even a minor misalignment in the strucutre of jaw may affect the appeal of your smile. But with precise and minor Orthodontic surgery, it is possible for cosmetic surgeons to correct the discrepancies.

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