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Who doesn’t like to have a bright smile? The confidence we derive out of our shining smile is priceless. But certain factors stop us from having a shiny smile.

There are numerous factors that can impact the coloration of teeth. They include:

  • Genetic factors
  • Geochemical factors
  • Trauma to the certain tooth
  • Food and beverages intake
  • Lack of proper Oral hygiene
  • Excessive Fluoride intake during Tooth formation
  • Age
  • Medication
  • Tobacco
  • Types of Fillings

Likewise, there can be many factors/things that develop two types namely:

Intrinsic Stains- As the name implies, these stains happen from within the mouth. Brushing or Flossing won’t help much. Causes may be Tooth Injuries, Medications, Excessive Fluorine intake.

Extrinsic Stains- Stains, which are the result of outside factors. They can be attributed to Lifestyle factors like smoking, drinking, spicy foods, and so on. They can be removed by following hygienic practices.

Though certain precautions might help, they can’t assure complete prevention.
Earlier, treatments in this regard weren’t accessible to many as they weren’t affordable. But things have changed a lot in recent times. Irrespective of the problem, modern cosmetic dentistry has solutions in the form of professional Tooth whitening and bleaching services.

With our Cosmetic dentistry expertise, we cater to professional Tooth whitening and bleaching services. They are one of the most sought-after services pertaining to cosmetic dentistry.

With aRdent Dental Care’s Professional Tooth whitening and bleaching services, Teeth affected by discolouration and stains can be restored. Our Cosmetic dentists can even deal with cases that have undergone Root canal surgery. So, make an appointment with aRdent Dental Care today and gift yourself a shiny smile.

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