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The most common problem with normal partial dentures is they are vulnerable to external forces, stresses, and accidental damages. To counter this problem, Prosthodontists at aRdent Dental Care, Hyderabad, are increasingly recommending Flexible Dentures. Because they are proven to be one of the workable alternatives to normal partial dentures.

At aRdent Dental Care, we use best-in-class Flexible dentures for our patients.

Flexible dentures, the name says it all. Made of Nylon, Flexible dentures can withstand stress and pressure. This kind of dentures is made to last.

  • Durable– Unlike normal dentures, which are prone to damages, Flexible dentures are durable as they absorb shocks passively.
  • Transparent– Flexible dentures are clear and transparent. This show through your natural gum colour.
  • Stability– They naturally cling to the gums without any need for adhesives or metal clasps.
  • Easy to maintain– Flexible dentures can be easily maintained.
  • High Bio-compatibility– They don’t contaminate or dilute the food, taste, and odour.
  • Lesser time– To fix Flexible dentures, it relatively takes less chair time

Waste no more time with sufferings and denture problems, make an appointment with aRdent Dental Care and get rid of your dental problems.

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