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Are you feeling bad with your uneven gums spread over your teeth? Then aRdent Dental Care with its best Gum Recontouring services gives you enough reasons to cherish your smile.

First, let’s look into what causes uneven Gums

  • Certain genetic factors and medication can result in overspreading of gums, covering your teeth.
  • Gum Recession is another factor, which exposes your Teeth roots by making your gums recede. This might even lead to tooth decay, tooth loss and Periodontal disease.

Here is the most sought-after solution- Gum Recontouring surgery
Also called Gum Reshaping surgery, this surgery can give the desired shape for your Gum. Through this surgery, you can achieve a perfect symmetry between your Teeth and gums.
At aRdent Dental Care, our Cosmetic Dentists consider going for Gum Recontouring surgery in the following cases:

  •  Drug-induced Gum Enlargement
  • Uneven Teeth-gum structure
  • When the gum line extends too much or too low of the teeth
  • Swollen gums due to periodontal disease

In all the above-mentioned cases, our Cosmetic specialists, using laser-assisted technologies trim the excessive portion and reshape the Gum contour.
If the case demands the removal of a tooth portion, then considering the biological aspects of the tooth, surgery will be performed.
To enjoy a symmetric and superb smile, visit aRdent Dental Care by making an appointment with our Cosmetic Dentists.

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