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Certain conditions force people to get their tooth removed. Though Tooth extraction treatment seems simple, it takes into account a lot of aspects. At aRdent Dental Care, which is one of the best dental clinics in Hyderabad,

Let’s look into the common problems, which necessitate Tooth extraction

Crowded Mouth– It is difficult to achieve proper alignment of Teeth when there are a lot of Tooth in the mouth. So, to make way for the Orthodontic treatment, surgeons go with the extraction of the additional Tooth.

Infected Tooth– If tooth decay is severe due to cavities or Periodontal disease, there are chances that the blood vessels and nerve tissues get infected. In such cases, even Root Canal Treatment can’t help. In such cases, there will be no option other than extracting the infected tooth.

Note– Tooth extraction is also advised if the dental surgeon finds your Tooth may be subjected to infection or the damaged Tooth may pose risk to the other parts of the body.

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