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The pockets formed by the periodontal disease infects even the inner lining of the gums. The tissues inside the gums absorb toxins and get infected. So, to get rid of the infected tissues, Gingival Curettage Treatment is the ideal option.

At aRdent Dental Care, our well-trained Periodontists perform Gingival Curettage Treatment with utmost care and precision. The Treatment involves removing the infected gum tissue lining with a surgical curette and leaving only healthy gum tissues.

Normally, this surgery is performed following Scaling and Root planning procedures. This surgery can be performed using Laser technologies. Compared to the normal procedure, laser surgery is less painful and causes less bleeding. This allows for faster healing.

Contact aRdent Dental Care, which is the best dental clinic in Hyderabad, for all your Gum related problems and Periodontal diseases.

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