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Self Ligating Braces Treatment In Hyderabad

Unlike normal braces, Self-ligating braces carry less ligature support. They are designed with locks to hold the wire in place. This eliminates the need for external support to hold the wire in place.
Self-ligating braces are placed in a similar manner to conventional braces except for the ligature.
People carrying Self-ligating braces find it easy to maintain oral hygiene than people who hold Metal braces. Also, the pain is relatively less with Self-ligating braces. So, people find them more comfortable to use.

Above all, it is possible to correct the alignment of teeth in a short span of time with self-ligating braces. Aspects like Faster treatment, Comfortable to use, and easy to maintain Oral hygiene make Self-ligating braces, one of the widely chosen options.

At aRdent Dental care, our Orthodontists recommend and use patient-friendly and top-notch Self-ligating braces.

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