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The breakdown of Enamel, the outer surface of Teeth, weakens the teeth and gradually lead to Teeth decay. It results in the formation of holes in the Teeth.
Generally, Dental caries is attributed to bacteria and other things. When food, which is rich in Carbohydrates/Starch, is left or struck on the Teeth, the bacteria inside the mouth feed on it. And, it secretes Acids. When those acids combine with the Saliva form a sticky substance called Plaque. This overrides Enamel, making the teeth vulnerable to cavities.

Symptoms of Cavities

  • Decay may be a bit different for each child, but cavities can be identified in the following ways:
  • Formation of White Spots- It indicates the weakening of Enamel
  • Early Cavity appears in Light brown colour
  • Deeper cavities turn brown to black
  • At times, symptoms won’t surface. Until visiting Periodontist, it is difficult to diagnose the status of Teeth.

But certain subtle hints or early signs indicate the likelihood of forming cavities. They are:

  • Sensitivity to certain foods
  • Pain in the area of the Tooth


With the support of experienced Paediatric Dentists, aRdent Dental Care provides world-class Dental Cavities Treatment.

Treatment starts with the proper diagnosis of the situation. Our Periodontists consider the age, symptoms, and general health of the children before proceeding with the treatment.

Treatment includes removing the decayed part and replacing the void/gaps with fillings. Also called Restorations, Fillings are of different types that include:

Direct Fillings- Generally, these are made out of Silver, fine glass powders, resin, or acrylic acids. Direct Fillings are in Tooth colour, and they can be filled directly into a prepared hole. In a single visit, this procedure can be completed.

Indirect Fillings- This process requires multiple visits/sittings. Indirect fillings include Bridges, Veneers, Crowns, Onlays, Inlays made of Gold, Metal alloys, Ceramics, or Composites. Generally, they are designed to look like normal Teeth Enamel.

Our Fillings Fill Full of Happiness

Ardent Dental Care, which hosts world-class Paediatric Dentists, offers the best Dental Cavities Treatment in Hyderabad. Make an appointment with our Paediatric Dentists to assure your child an amazing smile.

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