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The modern lifestyle has its direct impact on Oral health. The intake of sugar-rich foods and drinks make bacteria thrive on the enamel of the teeth. It results in the building up of Plaque.

Plaque is one of the plaguing problems faced by many. But by practising habits that promote oral hygiene, one can avoid the ill effects of Plaque. If it is allowed to rest on your enamel, then it would result in the formation of Tartar, which could damage the health of your gums and Tooth’s bone.

By undergoing the Dental Scaling and Root Planning Treatment at aRdent Dental Treatment, you would get rid of Plaque and have a healthy and painless smile.

Let’s look into what exactly is Dental Scaling and Root Planning Treatment

  • Scaling normally means removing the accumulated layers. It is different from bleaching, which just focusses on cleaning the surface of the Teeth.
  • Whereas, Dental Scaling goes much deeper. It involves removing the plaque build up beneath the gumline.
  • At aRdent Dental Care, Dental Scaling is done manually and using Ultrasonic technology.
  • In the manual process, our experienced periodontists examine the Teeth. After that, our Periodontists insert a thin tool called as a Dental scaler and curette to access the Plaque-infested area, which your Tooth brush can’t reach. By doing so, the Plaque can be removed.
  • Using Ultrasonic instruments, Dental scaling can be done. Ultrasonic instruments feature a vibrating metal tip combined with a water spray. The vibrating metal tip breaks down the Tartar and Plaque. The water spray flushes out the debris thereby making the area free from plaque.
  • Dental Scaling, which covers the gum tissues, is followed by Root planning treatment.
  • Root planning treatment involves cleaning the surface area of the Tooth’s Root. This eliminates the plaque in the Roots and helps the gums maintain their bond with the Tooth.
  • For people with sensitive gums, Dental scaling could be uncomfortable. But by administering local anaesthesia the affected area can be numbed. This paves way for the Periodontist to perform the Dental Scaling process easily.
Dental Scaling Treatment
Dental Scaling Treatment - February 2024

After effects

Post Dental scaling and Root Planning treatment, your mouth may experience sour and sensitivity. upon reporting your condition, our Periodontists may prescribe you Desensitizing Toothpaste to tackle the situation.

Our Periodontists may ask you for another visit to examine your gum healing process. Based on the assessment, the further process will be discussed.

To get rid of Plaque and dental problems, make an appointment with the aRdent Dental Care, which is one of the Top-notch Periodontics clinics in Hyderabad, India.

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