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This is the surgical process, which is recommended based on the condition of gums and roots.
When plaque starts forming the pockets and spreading across them, it would pose a serious risk of Periodontal or gum disease. This might even lead to infection of the bone.

But with the Gum Flap Surgery, it is possible to remove the Plaque from the pockets thereby eliminating the pockets altogether.

Though it is called surgery, it is not that scary.

Flap Surgical Procedure

  • Here is the step by step process of Gum Flap Surgery how our Periodontists perform on the gums:
  • The Plaque-infested area is made numb by administering local anaesthesia.
  • Then the gum surrounding the infected area is flapped or opened. This helps our
  • Periodontists act precisely by knowing the exact area and the Root area of Tooth.
  • Then the Tartar is removed and the infected tissue, which can progress the disease, is removed.
  • After removing it the root area is smoothened using Curettes.
  • The bone area is contoured and the Roots are cleaned.
  • Then the Gum is positioned back by stitching.

If our Periodontists find an issue with the bone, then it will be discussed with the concerned person. In some cases, the infected part of the bone needs to be removed. But no reason to worry!
By using Bone grafting procedures, the removed bone part will be grown back.

Post-surgery precautions

  • As the Gums will be repositioned with the Stitches, bleeding may occur at times. But it is totally normal. If blood starts oozing out, then apply gentle pressure by placing cotton.
  • Avoid stressful exercises because the operated part may feel pressure. It is followed by the loosening of the stitches.
  • Follow a soft and cold diet. Avoid chewing from the side, which has stitches.
  • Follow medication to comfort your gums
  • It is advised to perform saltwater rinsing after the surgery to have an odour-free mouth. But avoid excessive rinsing.
  • Avoid brushing in the stitched area as it may dislodge the stitches.
  • Consumption of alcohol and smoking should be avoided for better healing
  • At times, periodontists perform Surgical dressing in the operated area. So, it is recommended to make sure the dressing remains intact.
  • The healing depends on the way you take care and follow precautions. So, it is advised to follow the precautions of our periodontists for faster healing.

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