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For people, who lost their tooth to Oral health issues or accidents, it is advised to consult a Dental surgeon. Implants and dentures are some of the treatment options, which most of the Dental specialists recommend. Even the hybrid treatment using Implants and denture is one of the possible and popular solutions in cases of Tooth loss. aRdent Dental Care and Implant Centre, which is one of the best Dental Implant Treatment in Hyderabad.

Implantologists at aRdent Dental care and Implant centre explain to you all the possible treatments and show you the way forward.

Let’s look into some of the Conventional Dental Implantation techniques:

Single Tooth Implants

In cases, where a Single Tooth is missing, Dentists normally advise going with Implants or bridges. Our implantologists prefer Implants over bridges considering many advantages with the former.

Some of the most common problems with bridges are that they disturb the surrounding Teeth. In order to fix a dental bridge in place of missing Tooth, the abutting Teeth have to be made accommodative to their new partner i.e., the bridge-supported crown. So, the surrounding Teeth have to be trimmed or reshaped in order to fix the bridge. This may lead to bone resorption. Also, the crown just looks like a natural tooth but can’t serve the function of Tooth perfectly.

So, our implantologists recommend using Implants for missing Tooth.

Conventional Dental Implants - July 2024
In the traditional Implantation process, an incision will be done on gums to fix an implant in the jaw bone area. It may take months to get the gum healed. Once the implantologist find the gum fit to fix an abutment, an abutment can be fixed. On the top of the abutment, a Crown will be fixed. The overall process may take around a year or more depending on the case.

Approach aRdent Dental care and Implant centre to get your Tooth restored with an Implant. We have the best implant treatment options available for you.

Implant-restored Tooth includes Implant, abutment, and the crown. The Implant is placed in the Jaw bone area, where a Tooth is missing. And, on top of the implant, an abutment is screwed in a way that it supports the placement of a crown. This process causes no harm to the surrounding Teeth.

Conventional Dental Implants - July 2024
Implants supported Dentures:

Most people find full or partial denture an easy option to replace their missing Teeth. Only after using dentures, they would experience practical problems while speaking, eating, and so on. Dentures, which lack stability, often disturb the lifestyle of users.

If you’re facing problems with dentures, make an appointment with the aRdent Dental care and Implant Centre, Hyderabad. We have well-trained Dental specialists waiting to serve you with best-in-class Implants supported dentures treatment options.

This treatment can be said as hybrid as it involves both Implants and dentures. This surgery involves three stages.

In the first stage, a certain number of Implants will be placed into your jaw bones. Each implant will be placed into the jaw bone by making an incision. Once the placement is done, the incision will be stitched. Our Implantologists advise you a waiting period of three to four months before proceeding to the next stage of surgery. The waiting period is for the better integration of implants into the jaw bone.

In the second stage, the top part of each Implant will be exposed and fixed with healing caps. After a gap of two weeks, an abutment will replace each of the healing caps. Our Implantologists will take impressions to prepare the denture set and crowns.

In the final stage, a metal bar will be placed on the abutments. The custom-made dentures are secured to the abutments. Once the desired stability is achieved, then crowns or caps (Artificial teeth) will be fixed to the abutments.

  • All on Four treatment- This kind of treatment involves placing of four implants into the Upper jaw bone or lower jaw bone. Then a denture is secured to the abutments of Implants.
  • All on Six treatment- This kind of treatment involves placing of six implants into the upper jaw bone or lower jaw bone. To the abutments on the Implants, a denture is secured.

Having a doubt on what to choose? No problem! Our specialists guide you through and counsel you all the options.

Our Implantologists suggest you the best treatment, which suits your Oral profile, after examining your jaw bone strength and considering other factors.

Say good bye to the discomfort developed by dentures! Make an appointment with the ardent dental care and Implant centre to get your smile recreated with Implants supported dentures under the supervision of experienced dental surgeons and implantologists.

Conventional Dental Implants - July 2024

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