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Tooth Air Polish Treatment- Confused that it seems like bleaching! But it isn’t!
Dental bleaching aims for whitening of Tooth, whereas Tooth Air Polish Treatment is all for the removal of Plaque on the Teeth making them cleaner and hygiene.

The build-up of Plaque on the Tooth and its surrounding area leads to periodontal disease. But, if treated early, would prevent you from contacting such disease.

Tooth Air Polish Treatment aims to remove the accumulate plaque and stains using a jet of compressed air, water, and fine powder particles.

Advantages of Tooth Air Polish Treatment

  • No contact with the Teeth and no pressure against the Gums
  • More effective than the Standard and Traditional polish
  • Can nullify the effect of plaque by removing it completely thereby breaking the chances of
    gum diseases.
  • Useful for people with sensitive gums and Teeth

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