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For many, pigmented or Dark coloured Gums often cause embarrassment while smiling. The excessive melanin produced by the body results in the discolouration of Gums.

Reasons behind Gum pigmentation

  • Lifestyle activities like Smoking, Excessive caffeine intake, and Drinking
  • Long-time medication of certain drugs
  • Genetic Factors

With advanced and precise Cosmetic Dentistry technologies, it is possible to get rid of pigmented gums. aRdent Dental Care has some wonderful solutions in this regard. Our Cosmetic Dentists offer Gum Depigmentation/ Gum bleaching services.

With our affordable and best Gum Depigmentation services, you can get rid of artificial smiles.
Our Cosmetic Dentists with tech-assisted systems remove the pigmented layers. Within a few days of surgery, you can observe the layers with natural pigmentation growing.

Make an appointment with our Cosmetic Dentists today and gain an attractive smile!

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