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Fabrication of dentures is one of the complex processes, which are instrumental in shaping the dentures. At times, due to the accuracy and precision errors, normal dentures won’t sit perfectly on the natural gums. But with the Bio-functional Prosthetic System, it is now possible to achieve accuracy in the fabrication process.

At aRdent Dental Care, which is one of the best prosthodontics clinics in Hyderabad, experienced prosthodontists handle BPS treatment. BPS is a proven fabrication system that meets the aesthetic and functional needs of people, who are in need of comfortable dentures.

Features of BPS dentures:

  • Aesthetic- BPS dentures make it possible to maintain naturality while speaking, laughing, and talking thereby helping you sustain your confidence.
  • Comfortable- As BPS dentures are accurately designed, there is no room for irritation, which is normally developed, while dentures are adjusting to the gum contours.
  • Facilitate Oral Hygiene- The surface of BPS dentures is non-porous. This makes it easy for outside air to interact with the roots and gums of teeth thereby reducing the odour and plaque.
  • Great and Durable- Chances of breakage are nearly nil in case of BPS dentures as they are developed with dense materials.
  • Bio-compatible- In no way, BPS dentures dilute the taste and odour of food.
  • High-fracture Resistance- BPS dentures exhibit resistance to damage-causing fractures.
  • Fit to crush food- Even hard foods can be easily crushed and chewed while having BPS dentures.

Hence, Compared to Traditional dentures, BPS dentures carry a lot of other advantages. Approach aRdent Dental Care today and experience the advantages of BPS dentures.

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