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Jaw fracture treatment is a medical procedure that aims to repair a broken or cracked lower or upper jawbone. Jaw fractures can result from various causes, such as accidents, assaults, sports injuries, or falls. Jaw fractures can cause pain, swelling, bleeding, difficulty in breathing, eating, or speaking, and dental problems. Depending on the severity and location of the fracture, different treatment options may be available.

One of the common treatment options for jaw fractures is jaw wiring. Jaw wiring involves wrapping a bandage around the head and attaching wires or elastic bands to the teeth to keep the jaw in place and prevent it from opening too wide. This helps the bones heal in the right position and reduces the risk of infection. Jaw wiring may be done by an oral surgeon or a dentist and may last for several weeks or months .

Another treatment option for jaw fractures is surgery. Surgery may be needed if the fracture is severe, involves multiple bones, causes facial deformity, or affects the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Surgery may involve inserting plates, screws, wires, or pins to fix the broken bones and restore the normal function and appearance of the jaw. Surgery may be done by a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, a head and neck surgeon, or an oral surgeon .

Whether jaw wiring or surgery is done, pain medications and antibiotics may be prescribed to help with the pain and prevent infection. A soft or liquid diet may be recommended to avoid putting pressure on the jaw. Regular follow-up visits may be needed to monitor the healing process and remove any wires or stitches.

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