Are you looking for a dental surgeon in Banjara Hills? If yes, then you will find that there are several dental clinics in the area, but not everyone is geared with the technology and equipment that the aRdent has. aRdent Dental Care and Dental Implant Centre is considered as the best cosmetic dental clinic in Hyderabad. We are offering different types of dental bone loss treatments, a few of which are mentioned below.

There are a number of dental bone loss treatments available in India. Among these treatments, removable artificial tissue appliances are often requested by a few clients. This treatment is ideal for hiding the missing gum tissue using flexible plastic. Ridge augmentation is a dental surgical procedure, which is used for adding grafted or synthetic bone tissue for the purpose of reinstating the ridge to the ideal shape and height.

Nowadays, technology has altered and improved the dentistry segment to a great extent. Tooth bone grafting is a common procedure, which applies to many patients. Let us understand this grafting procedure a bit more.

Bone grafting is suggested to those patients who are suffering from extreme bone loss. This treatment is ideal even for those who have an insufficient availability of the bone for dental implants. X-ray and CAT scans are used to evaluate bone quality and quantity. Based on this evaluation, bone grafting is recommended if it is found that there is not enough bone available for the implant.

The procedure of bone grafting includes the removal of a small quantity of bone from another body part, like the hip or jaw. This is used for the replacement of the missing bone in your tooth. Once the procedure is complete and the bone is healed, the implantation procedure can be carried out.

aRdent Dental Care and Dental Implant Centre is located in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, and is offering two types of implant services. Immediate loading dental implants and conventional dental implants are available with us.

You can consider us as the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Hyderabad for Smile Designing. With our latest technology implants, we assure to give you the best smile with zero broken teeth.

Immediate Loading of Implants is a modern method, which restores your smile in just 3 days from the date of extraction of teeth. A few top benefits of this procedure are cortical bone support, fast healing, high success rate, less invasiveness, no need for bone-grafting, very little chair time, and zero chances of peri-implantitis.

As part of conventional dental treatments, we also offer traditional implantation treatments such as single tooth implants, wherein implants or bridges are recommended by our implantologist. These two treatments have made us the Best Dental Hospital in Banjara Hills.

We care about each patient that comes to us. For ensuring proper care, we have employed a highly qualified team, who are continuously trained with the latest development in the dentistry industry. With our services, we assure to restore the original function of your mouth within 72 hours of implantation.