Like it is said” healthy mind resides in a healthy body” similarly healthy teeth would be possible only if their supporting structures are healthy and strong. Many factors are involved in Tooth mobility, and Gum diseases among which major cause is- plaque accumulation, which become hard with time and form calculus, this causes tooth loosening with bone loss. And if the condition worsens you may need gum surgery known as” Periodontal Flap Surgery”.

What is Periodontics Treatment? And who is Periodontists Treatment?

Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that focuses on the study of supporting structures of Teeth like gums, tissues, bones, ligaments.

Periodontists are specialists who study gums and supporting structures in detail and are experts in diagnosing, preventing, and treating Gum diseases also known as “Periodontal diseases”. And are the ones who perform Periodontics Treatment.

What is the major cause of Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal is derived from two words” Peri mean around” and odontal means tooth”, So, the periodontal disease mainly affects the surrounding parts of the Tooth structure like gums, alveolar process(bone), ligament etc.

Major cause- The bacterial plaque, which is buildup after consumption of food or beverages is a colourless and sticky structure that adheres to the neck of the tooth. This thin film needs to be removed daily, as it will get accumulated with time and turn into a Tartar or calculus. This calculus starts producing toxins, which can damage the gums and underneath structures of the Teeth. This leads to the loosening of gums, which in turn looses the Tooth from gums and results in deep pockets.

What are the treatment options?

  1. Scaling and Root Planning
  2. Tooth air polish
  3. Gum flap surgery
  4. Gingival curettage

So, if you are suffering from bleeding gums with swelling and pain, visit aRdent Dental Care and Implant Centre, which has best facilities for the best Gum Surgery in Hyderabad along with other dental treatment facilities. Don’t be harsh with your teeth and gums since they are the road which will lead to a healthy body, as your body is what you eat and to eat you need to chew the food for which you need healthy teeth and gums.

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