aRdent Dental Care and Dental Implant Centre is a specialised dental care clinic, which aims at treating the patients in the best possible manner. We believe that prevention is better than cure and so here are our basic recommendations to take care of your gums.

  • The reason for gum problems is the maintenance of poor oral hygiene.
  • If the gum problems are detected early, then there damage can be reversed by implementing the most basic ways
  • Three fundamental methods to treat early gingivitis are floss daily, brush twice daily and use a doctor’s recommended mouthwash. 

Periodontists working with aRdent Dental Care will recommend all these things to you when you visit us for the treatment of your gum problems. 

Can periodontal diseases get harmful?

Yes, Periodontal Diseases, if not detected in time, can increase and become a problem, which cannot be addressed with the aforementioned methods. In case you get an upper-level infection, then it cannot be treated by simple methods. 

What procedures are used for healing an increased periodontal disease?

For the treatment of increased periodontal disease, you will require more invasive treatments. In case, if it is found that the disease has spread into the pocket around your teeth, then you might be required to undergo a number of different procedures.

Scaling and root planning are two initial procedures that are used to remove the infection from the pockets. Remember that to conduct these procedures, a local anaesthetic is required, which requires the presence of a specialist. Professional dentists that are available at aRdent Dental Care.

It is also important to note that this is not the worst stage of gum disease. This type of infection can further move into your bone. This will cause the requirement of a surgery to remove the infection. There will be no deep cleaning or rushing of teeth or gums required. To heal an increased periodontal disease, the dentist will have to retract your gums.

Why Should You Choose aRdent Dental Care for Periodontics Treatment?

aRdent Dental Care and Dental Implant Centre is based in Hyderabad and has earned the reputation of the reliable and leading dental clinic, offering various dental treatments and services such as implantation, Tooth Jewellery Treatment, and Periodontics Treatment. If you are searching for a reliable dentist and/or dental centre, then you should give us a chance. We promise to deliver the latest care and treatment with the use of innovative dental technologies, equipment, and tools. Moreover, our team of periodontists and pediatric dentists are skilled, talented, experienced and updated with all the updates in the industry of dentistry.

A large number of people suffer from different types of gum problems. In a few scenarios, their teeth remain fine, if they get the treatment for the underlying problem of their gum disease. You may feel tempted to visit a local dentist to get your treatment since it would be located near your house and would cost less. However, you should always prefer a specialist dentist, such as a periodontist, who is a professional that can help you with the best periodontal treatment.

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