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What Are The Benefits Of Gum Surgery in Hyderabad?

Gum Surgery in Hyderabad

Gum recession exposes teeth roots, which significantly increase the likelihood of gum disease, tooth decay as well as other dental health problems. A gum graft from Dr. Chandrahas Clinic is the most efficient way to treat a shrinking line of gum. The procedure involves the addition of gum tissue to the region of the deficiency. The tissue may become autogenous (from the patient’s mouth) as well as autogenous (donor tissues). This is where the Denver Dentist explores this procedure further and goes over five benefits that come with this procedure.

If you are experiencing dental sensitivity, teeth that are exposed roots, or any other signs of gingival recession. Make an appointment for Gum Surgery in Hyderabad at Dr. Chandrahas Clinic.

What is The Cause of Gingival Recession?

Before we dive into the advantages from a gum graft we’ll look at the causes of gum recession first. There is a popular misconception that it’s due to excessive brushing. While this is certainly a factor that causes gum recession, there are many different factors that can contribute to the problem. For instance, heredity plays an important role. If your immediate family member has gum recession, then you are much more likely to experience the condition your own.

Five Benefits Of A Gum Surgery in Hyderabad

Gum grafting provides a wide array of dental health advantages. Here are the four most beneficial:

  • Gum grafting strengthens the gum tissue surrounding teeth, improving its stability and strengthening it.
  • The process protects the region from a future recession.
  • A gum graft protects the tooth’s roots that are exposed, thus lessening the chance of developing dental sensitiveness.
  • If you experience a recession around your front teeth visible (or that is, the zone of smiling) Gum grafts can improve the appearance of your smile.
  • The rate of success for gum grafting is incredibly high. With proper treatment, a graft will give you lifelong benefits.

Your Initial Consultation

To find out if you’re a suitable candidate to undergo a gum graft procedure, your Denver dentist conducts an extensive oral exam. After visualizing the areas of the recession, x-rays can also be taken of the teeth affected. This permits us to assess the condition of the bone supporting it and determine the extent of the damage.

If your dentist is of the opinion that you’re eligible for gum grafting we’ll make consultation with our on-site periodontist Dr. Chandrahas.

Gum Graft Procedure

The kind of gum graft that is recommended for you will be based on the location of recession as well as the degree that you are suffering from the condition. For instance, a recession in the area of smiles can be addressed with an aesthetic graft known as connective tissue graft. The graft is made up of tissues taken from below the upper layer that covers the mouth. In this process, the graft is placed beneath the gum tissue that is already present and it is then sutured to the gum.

If the recession is especially extreme, or is located between the front teeth on the lower side the use of a gingival graft free of charge is typically suggested. This kind of graft can be removed directly from the gum line and then placed into an area made by the dentist. After the healing process has completed and the graft’s outline has been healed, the graft might be visible however; your gum tissues will remain strong and resilient to any further injury.

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